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July 12, 2022



BOCA RATON, FL — July 12, 2022

Today, when countless children face unprecedented challenges – mentally, emotionally and academically – quality music education and inspired teachers have never been more urgently needed, to uplift spirits, empower student learning and transform lives through music. Music instructors deserve more support than ever; post COVID, their return to the classroom has been daunting as they contend with behavioral issues, destabilized families, staffing shortages and reallocated budgets, especially at under-resourced schools.

For these dedicated mentors, Palm Beach County-based charity Nat King Cole Generation Hope (NKCGH) proudly hosts its third annual Music Educators Conference, July 19 – 21, 2022, a virtual forum under the leadership of Dr. Edrick Rhodes, Director – Arts Education, Curriculum & Administration of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. He will be joined by the non-profit’s co-founders Timolin and Casey Cole, twin daughters of iconic music artist Nat King Cole, to welcome participating educators and administrators. Over 500 previously attended via Zoom from across the U.S. and overseas.

Highly acclaimed film, television and stage actor Harry Lennix, a former teacher and ardent proponent of equity in performing arts & education, will present the keynote address. The talented performer and social activist will speak to the payoff from investing in music education in all school systems, sharing his extraordinary personal and professional perspectives. Lennix recently earned a $26 million grant to develop The Lillian Marcie Center and AAMPA (African American Museum of the Performing Arts) arts complex on Chicago’s South Side.

The 2022 NKCGH Music Educators Conference, themed K-12 Music Education: Recapitulation Yesterday, Today & Beyond, will feature an array of speakers from Carnegie Hall, Guitars Over Guns, Save the Music Foundation, the Kennedy Center, prominent universities, NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) and other organizations, will offer timely, compelling expertise on the vitals of music education. This yearly event is generously supported by The Selz Foundation.

Registration is online. For more information on the program or Nat King Cole Generation Hope, visit www.natkingcolegenhope,org or contact 561.213.8209 or

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About Nat King Cole Generation Hope, Inc. (NKCGH)

Co-founded in 2008 by Timolin and Casey Cole, twin daughters of legendary music artist and entertainer Nat King Cole, Nat King Cole Generation Hope builds on the storied Cole family legacy: to create opportunities and expand access to music education for children with the greatest need.

The charity fulfills that calling by funding music instruction programs, mentoring, resources and scholarships for youth, while bolstering music educators. The ultimate goal: expand enrichment and inspire as many children as possible, while galvanizing community and fundraising support.

Nat King Cole Generation Hope upholds the vision that music education is not a privilege, but an entitlement. All youth deserve the chance to experience musical expression and creation, and to pursue excellence and achievement in that realm. Budding performers, empowered by mentors and resources from NKCGH, can transform their passion and skill into paths of opportunity; and in turn, their instruments and voices uplift the world and heal humanity.

  • 40,500+ children have been supported by NKCGH’s music education programs
  • 35,000+ children have benefitted from donated instruments from Project Encore!
  • $2.5 million in fundraising
  • 150,000+ volunteer hours

NKCGH “PROJECT ENCORE!” Instrument Donation Program
Give the gift of music! Nat King Cole Generation Hope welcomes tax-deductible donations of musical instruments, to be refurbished and delivered to schools and organizations serving children in need, those for whom buying a guitar or clarinet is not financially feasible. This is a rewarding, hassle-free opportunity to contribute pianos, strings, horns, wind instruments or percussion that remain unplayed in a closet, attic or living room. NKCGH connects as many children as possible with needed instruments, putting musical joy in a child’s hands and heart.

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