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December 2023

This is an important moment for us to support music education as a solution.

Our Dad, legendary music artist and trailblazer Nat King Cole, inspired so many celebrated performers, including Lionel Richie, John Legend, Gloria Estefan and Alicia Keys, to achieve greatness and meaning through music. We hope you share our unwavering conviction that every child deserves the same: a path to learn music, to find joy and discover their potential in their instruments and voices.

Nat King Cole with daughter Timolin
Timolin Cole-Augustus (L) and Casey Cole-Ray

As Nat King Cole’s twin daughters, we co-founded Nat King Cole Generation Hope in 2008 as his namesake to build on our cherished Cole Family Legacy. He was an iconic talent, entertainer, jazz pianist and vocalist with a mesmerizing baritone, who broke sound and racial barriers to bring harmony to the world. His enduring spirit is the heart of our vision, that all children are entitled to access to music education, and fuels our organization’s mission.

Today, as countless kids and teens face daunting challenges — mental, emotional, academic and socio-economic — music education has never been more urgently needed. Learning music nurtures their talent, and bolsters self-worth and determination. It teaches discipline, shapes them creatively and cognitively, and transcends their differences. It fuels them with purpose, a sense of humanity and hope for the future.

For struggling families, schools and communities with scarce resources, it’s on us to create equity and opportunities for these students.

Nat King Cole Generation Hope delivers priceless music enrichment programs, resources, mentorship and scholarships to students with the greatest need, and supports under-resourced schools and their dedicated music teachers.

Tuition-free Summer Strings & Jazz Camps
Music Mentors in Schools
Project Encore! instrument donation program
College Scholarships
Music Educators Conference (virtual)

Please join our mission, to ensure all students have access to music as part of a well-rounded, life-changing education.

Say “YES to music education” with your 100% tax deductible contribution to Nat King Cole Generation Hope.

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Help galvanize the indisputable, resounding benefits of music education!

  • Significantly enhances self-esteem, develops self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Bolsters cognitive skills to become well-rounded critical thinkers
  • Improves academic performance
  • Keeps students engaged in school
  • Increases motivation, positivity and meaningful interactions
  • Creates opportunities to become budding performers

We depend on your financial support to meet the soaring demand for NKCGH programs and resources. We require more funding to expand access to quality music education, to more kids in more schools, and amplify our impact. Your generosity can place music mentors in public school classrooms or after-school programs, send children to music camps, sponsor a music class, repair and refurbish instruments, provide sheet music to classrooms, support a music educators’ conference, and much more.

Donate Online Now

Project Encore! Instrument Donations

Contributions of musical instruments are transformative gifts to students, whose families can’t afford to purchase or rent them. NKCGH will repair and refurbish your unplayed pianos, strings, horns, wind instruments or percussion, that languish in your living room, closet or attic, and deliver to under-resourced schools and organizations.

To make your tax-deductible, in-kind donation of instruments, contact:

On behalf of Nat King Cole Generation Hope and the children we serve, thank you for emboldening our efforts. We wish you a peaceful holiday season and a healthy new year!

Please Donate. No contribution is too small to make a difference

  • $50,000 Place music mentors in 5 under-served Title 1 public schools classrooms for one school year
  • $10,000 Support a Music Educator’s Conference serving 500+ teachers
  • $5,000 Send 5 children to music camp for two weeks
  • $2,500 Sponsor a music class
  • $1,000 Repair and refurbish up to 10 instruments
  • $500 Place a music mentor in an after-school program for four weeks
  • $100 Provide sheet music to 1 classroom for one school semester

We would delighted to engage your company/organization as a Partner or Sponsor to embolden our efforts.

YES! I want to make a 100% tax deductible gift
because music education for disadvantaged children is transformative.

Donate Online Now

Give monthly or give once

If you would prefer to donate via check, please use the address below and
make checks payable to Nat King Cole Generation Hope, Inc.

Nat King Cole Generation Hope, Inc.
4710 NW 2nd Avenue, Suite 204
Boca Raton, Florida 33431-4161

Thank you and enjoy a peaceful holiday season and a healthy New Year!
Casey Cole

Casey Cole-Ray

Timolin Cole

Timolin Cole-Augustus

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Shanna St. John
Executive Director

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