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Nat King Cole Generation Hope is proud to support schools and organizations that are committed to providing quality music education to children with the greatest need and fewest resources.

Nat King Cole Summer Strings

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Nat King Cole Generation Hope Summer Strings @ Lynn University

Students from Title 1 Palm Beach County schools for the past four summers have attended the annual Nat King Cole Generation Hope, Inc. Summer Strings at Lynn University, a camp that provides elementary students without means an opportunity to receive the highest quality string instruction. The students receive small group section instruction and private lessons with Lynn’s conservatory students serving as their mentors and School District’s music teachers serving as their directors.

Students participating in the camp have limited access to music instruction and may have never been given the opportunity to receive what is considered equal to a full school years’ worth of instruction had they not attended. Their sheer excitement and joy are evident to all as the week-long summer camp culminates in a free community concert each summer performed in the Keith C. and Elaine Johnson Wold Performing Arts Center where Timolin and Casey Cole personally present musical achievement certificates to each student.

The Nat and Maria Cole Memorial Scholarship

Nat and Maria Cole

The Nat and Maria Cole Memorial Scholarship is a four year college scholarship for a deserving high school student who wishes to further his/her education in music. Nat King Cole Generation Hope has chosen The George Snow Scholarship Fund to manage the identification of potential recipients, application process and mentoring of the student chosen to receive our scholarship. Together we are dedicated to helping students in financial need are given the opportunity to pursue their dreams in the music field.

Community and School Grants

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In addition, the following organizations have received funds or in-kind donations supporting their programs:

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