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In-Kind Donations

Nat King Cole Generation Hope is in great need of donated goods and services as they help reduce expenses and increase funds raised being allocated to our programs.

We are always looking for:

  • Gently used musical instruments, stands, sheet music, etc. We refurbish those that need it and place them with schools, organizations and children in need.
  • Office supplies – paper, plexi-frames envelopes, stamps, etc.
  • Quality auction items for our events
  • Professional services – PR, grant writing, social media and web content support, legal, accounting, etc.

For information on how you can become involved – volunteer – sponsor – underwrite – donate – attend – please contact us at



Nat King Cole Generation receives hundreds of requests for new instruments and funds for instrument repair or replacement each year.

Representatives of the Title 1 schools and organizations we serve are telling us that funds for instrument replacement and repair are minimal at best. Children have either no choice of what instrument they can choose to learn, must share with others, or are being turned away from band or orchestra due to lack of available instruments.

...and while we have been able to place new and refurbished instruments of all types - pianos, violins, keyboards, guitars, drums, trumpets, saxophones, flutes as well as a French Horn in schools in Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Okeechobee counties, the requests keep coming.

We need your help!
Funds are needed to purchase new instruments, repair donated instruments and replace instruments that are unusable!

Estimates of new instrument costs:

  • $155-$626 Violin or Viola
  • $683 Flute
  • $752 Clarinet
  • $803 Trumpet
  • $875 Trombone
  • $700-$1,000 Cello
  • $1,505 Alto Sax
  • $1,862 Oboe
  • $1,873 Tenor Sax
  • $2,205 French Horn
  • $3,687 Tuba

Do you have an instrument to donate?
Please contact us today!

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